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Stacking Rings

Hand-Set in Argentium Silver


Happy Friday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ✨ ...

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Scots Pine trees can live up to 700 years. But, every year, in the dry, early days of Summer, its ripe cones crack open, exploding hundreds of seeds into the wind. You can actually hear it happen, and see the trail of seeds floating away on the warm breeze. This necklace captures that moment.

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Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week 🤍 ...

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I can't decide which one of these is my favourite!

When we added another 3 designs to our 9ct Gold charm rings, we realised there was a little musical story behind each one.

Can you guess the musical influences behind our charm rings?

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Faileas (pronounced fahl-ash), the Gaelic word for ‘reflection‘
This beautiful necklace features a diamond-shaped topaz stone, in its own free-moving setting, inside the main frame of the necklace.

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Sapphire Celtic Spiral Necklace ...

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Sapphire Celtic Spiral Necklace

The spiral appears a lot in Celtic and Pictish symbols. It’s thought to represent the sun. Three clear sapphires form the heart of this necklace, the golden tail of each setting spiralling out to join together, forming the corona of this sun.

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Spring is definitely in the air today. Cannot wait for the colours not start popping again 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼 ...

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Our Acushla Necklaces are now available for delivery in time for Valentine's Day.

Check out the link in our bio to see what it looks like with your birthstone.

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Feeling all loved up in the workshop with more birthstone heart pendants being finished up on the bench today 💖 Perfect for Valentine's, or even a little sparkly something for yourself 💖 ...

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Did you know there's actually a governing body for argentium silver?

As it turns out, we came to the attention of the lovely folks there, and they decided to feature us on their website.

You can see what they had to say about us here:

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So, what does Brexit mean for us?

- anything we sell to the EU has to be sold without VAT, then held up in the customer's country at customs until VAT and import charges are paid by the customer.

- we can't buy from some of our smaller suppliers unless they decide to get registered for UK VAT - a process that's backed up right now.

- rather than dealing with EU rules as a single entity, we have to adhere to each individual country's rules on tax, hallmarking and customs.

So, with regret, until further notice our website is limited to selling to the UK, USA and Canada (where the rules haven't changed).

Thank-you to all of our European customers who've supported us over the years. I'm sure we'll figure something out, but for now it's just too much of a minefield.

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Glacadh Necklace

Glacadh (pronounced glah-cah)

The Gaelic word for embrace. An embrace is a simple thing. A clear and unambiguous gesture of true affection.

Maybe one of the warmest places to be on earth is in the embrace of another.

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Happy Friday folks 🥰 Hope you all have a great weekend 🥳 ...

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On Wednesdays we wear pink 💖Another order off to it's new home! ✈️🙌🏻💞 ...

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Good morning! Wishing everyone a fun Friday! 💕 ...

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Torque Bracelet Tuesday. Straight or twisty, the choice is yours 💕 ...

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All our Argentium Silver jewellery comes with an Argentium care card to keep your pieces looking at their most fabulous for years to come ✨ ...

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A lovely Monday spent creating our Silk Strung Swarovski Crystal Bracelets to be sent out later this week 💞 ...

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Definitely a cosy knits kinda day here today....and maybe even a twisty earring and bracelet day too! ...

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