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What's in a name?

Where We Are

The name 'Circinn' is the old pictish name for the area where we live and work. It's from back in the days when Scotland was split into twelve distinct kingdoms.

When we started our business back at the start of 2017, it seemed like the ideal name for us. It's where we are. It's who we are. The history, nature and culture around us inspire and inform our work - just as much as the thriving artistic community that's sprung up in recent years.


Who We Are

You may have seen us featured in bridal magazines, or seen our jewellery for sale at Historic Scotland sites. Maybe you've seen us on social media and wonder a little bit about who we actually are.

The truth is that we're just people obsessed with making beautiful things.

There's something almost magical about taking something you've sketched and making it into a real item you can touch, hold, and feel.

We learned our craft from some of the best Master Goldsmiths in Scotland. But, the truth is, we never stop learning, never stop pushing our skills to the next level.

For us, this is a journey without a final destination. We hope you decide to come along for the ride.

Every item should be a work of art

What We Believe

Most of the items you'll see here are made to order (rather than sitting in a drawer, awaiting sale).

Once we start on a piece, we'll get the materials together - the ethically-sourced gold or silver, the ethically-mined or lab-grown gemstones - and get to work.

Only one item is made at a time, from start to finish. We like to feel like we're nurturing a story, or piece of art, to life, rather than manufacturing a product.

If parts need to be cast, they're cast in our workshop. Metal that's melted, cut, shaped, or formed, is done in our workshop. Gems are set flush in metal, or secured in bezels or claws, or pavé clusters and halos, all in our workshop. We control every aspect of making your piece of jewellery, because that's what it takes to achieve the quality we demand and that you deserve.

Our designs or yours?

What We Do

We have quite a few beautiful designs to look at here that we're very proud of.

We also have many bespoke designs we've developed together with clients, to deliver the exact piece they've dreamed of.

Whichever is your preference, we put the same care and attention into each and every item that leaves our workbench.

Feel free to check out our catalogue, or book a consultation for our design service.

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Magnificent work by Circinn Studio

We approached Circinn Studio with an ideas of designing a special piece of jewelry for our daughter's 21st. Becky gave us a few design ideas & combined with our own ideas they came up with a magnificent piece which we were very happy with. They kept us informed of the progress every step of the way with images of what the final product would look like. When we received the piece it was exactly as expected. Delivered on time & within budget. I would highly recommend Circinn Studio

Bert B

Bought the Kelpie pendant as a present for my wife, it arrived really quickly, and the piece itself is beautifully made. It's a nice size, the quality is absolutely top notch, and I will be looking at further pieces from Circinn Studio to add to my wife's collection. I heartily recommend Circinn Studio to anyone looking for something a little different from ordinary run of the mill jewellery. Thank you Circinn.

Deor The Poet

Hallmarking in Scotland since 1457

A Little Note About Hallmarking

All of our items are assayed (tested) and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. Our work is independently audited and verified by the Edinburgh Assay Office and ensures that all precious metal jewellery (including items exempt by weight) is of the claimed standard – a protection over and above legal requirements.

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