How To Find Out Your Ring Size

You've Seen the Ring You Love

What next? Well, you’ll need to find out the right size for your finger, and let us know.

Don’t worry, we’ve made it nice and easy for you.

The first step is to get hold of our ring sizing document: Click Here

Make sure when you print out this document, you don’t scale the document – it needs to be exactly the right size. To make this easy, we’ve added a 5cm bar on the document. Measure it with a ruler to make sure you have the right size.

If You Already Have A Ring That Fits

Then that’s great news. Our ring sizing document has a handy sizing chart for existing rings. To use it, just place your ring over the circles. You need the coloured circle to completely fill the inner circle of your ring, without overlapping. 


And If You Don't? No Problem!

We’ve also included a handy dandy little cut out sizer for putting around your finger. Simply cut it out, and slide the thin end through the fat end. You’ll be able to tell from the marks on the slider where your ring size is.


Don't Forget The Knuckles!

It’s easy to forget, but your ring needs to slip on and off your finger easily. That’s in the cold of winter, when your hands are cold and slick, and in the heat of summer, when your fingers swell up with the heat. Just make sure that the guide can slide comfortably over your middle knuckle – skimming it, but not jamming on it.


What To Do If You're Not Confident

We understand. Not everyone is comfortable printing off a chart and doing the sizing themselves. It’s one of the reasons we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee – so you can feel confident that even if something goes wrong, we’ll make it right.

But, it’s better being right first time. That’s why we also offer the option of mailing out a plastic ring sizer whenever someone buys one of our rings. The rules are pretty much the same as with the paper sizer above – slide comfortably over the middle knuckle, and make sure it’s comfortable.

That's All, Folks!

That’s 3 ways you can size your ring against your finger using our tools. If none of the above suit you, you can always visit a local jeweller and have them do it. The main thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter if the size you come up with seems big or small – everyone’s hands are different. What’s important is that your ring is comfortable enough for you to wear every day.


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